The North Dakota Constitution has faced a proposed amendment by initiated measure in every election cycle over the past decade. For comparison, the U.S. Constitution hasn’t been amended in nearly three decades.

2012 Modern Farming and Ranching Practices
2014 North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks
2016 Marsy’s Law for North Dakota
2018 North Dakotans for Citizen Voting
2018 Ethics Measure
2020 ND Voter First Initiative
Why is that?

Because it’s easy to change North Dakota’s Constitution and that’s concerning. In North Dakota, both constitutional and statutory measures have the same approval requirement, a simple majority of 50%, plus one.

Protect North Dakota’s Constitution believes changing the state Constitution should have a higher threshold because of the ramification of modifying our foundational framework. A Constitutional change should require more support from our state’s citizens, providing our Constitution the respect it deserves.

Therefore, we propose the following change to the North Dakota Constitutional Measure process:

A constitutional measure should clearly address a single issue and sixty percent of North Dakota citizens should vote yes to the proposed change for it to be approved.
This isn’t a red issue or a blue issue.

This is a North Dakota Issue -

A belief that changes to the Constitution should be held to the highest standards.